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May 26.1954

Dr. D.G. Vinod
864 Sadashiv peth,
Poona City
Bombay State . India

Dear Dr. Vinod :

By now you have returned to India. I presume you have well settled at home again. I have often thought of you and followed your travel in mind. I would have written earlier to report on the crystallizations we made but we had run into difficulties to photograph them and therefore the report leaves finally without any useful photography. The report was written a month age and I have tried many ways, of which you see a few illustrations. I am not satisfied at all with them and will study the problem still more because I wish you would see the beauty of the originals.
The report steaks for itself and I am glad about the result.
Monday May 24 it was twice 49 days that we had put the treated specimens, which you gave me into the various substances and we made another crystallization. The report about these will come in another method but haven't received the equipment as yet. I can tell that much, however, that the effects of treated and untreated are still visible but not as strong as after 49 days. Whether this is due to the "aging" of the figs, raisins etc. or to a weakening of the original specimen I don’t know. Could you enlighten me on the concept, the originals maintain their "force" indefinite or loose them after some time and what one has to do to regenerate them. If they loose it would be good that you send me some new specimens by air. I would like to try them again.
Since I am still in bed and will be until the middle of August and had to undergo a rather severe treatment I did not eat the figs raisins etc. because when I do it I want to have the full benefit of an undisturbed observation. Until now I would have countercurrents of the chemotherapy and would not know exactly what is due to one thing or the other. I like all such observations clear and with as little as possible disturbance by other factors.
With this I don’t mean that I have any criticism or doubt but only it is the scientific mind, which rules here. It was also the scientific mind, which dictated the report in the style as it appears. I think you can understand and appreciate this attitude.
The meditation we made together, which you gave me at the day of your treasured visit, has been much on my mind, though not for it. Much peace, beauty and bliss radiates from it. Once I am completely recovered I will make it a point to do it regularly. Effects as I notice them recently and which may be caused by it are: a complete change of my dream live. This assumes more reality. I concerns mainly - and this are the only kind of dreams I have never being "bothered" with much dreaming - that I participate in some esoteric school and teachings in the other world and do some as real as the one we live here on earth, in fact more real, and that happenings on the other plane are more important than what we do here, So I feel the participation on this second world and I would like to intensify this experience to have it as a conscious experience by full consciousness not only being reflected in a kind of dream. Dream if probably not the proper word unless understand that it has a deeper meaning. Sometimes feel your presence almost physically as of being here in my room. Some times I feel almost physically too such as I would be presence in a temple in India or Tibet but I don’t see as yet the other human beings who are there. This is not much but a beginning. In any case: it is great peace of mind, which radiated from the meditation. And inner peace is what the Western world needs so much with all its turbulence and haste.
I suspected, when you were here that your path is connected with the Tantric school for I hade started reading the books of Arthur Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) already before you came and recommended it in your letter, I feel much drawn to this school while many others of the yogi scriptures did not appeal to me. I am convinced that there is much wisdom as yet not acceptable to the West and especially not to the unprepared.
I have continued to read everything of Sir Woodroffe, which could be had here. It seems to me that it might not be too difficult to raise the Kundalini power but the question is to control it. In a surrounding as we live it is very difficult to withdraw in solitude even for one hour.
Now I have a very specific question. As you know, my interest goes into the direction of etheric forces and how they can be demonstrated, and used. The transformation of the etheric into a physically manifest phenomenon is the problem. Anything you can tell me on the subject would be welcome. There is, however, a pet theory of mine for many years, namely: how to use magnetic forces like we use today electric forces. Electric forces flow. Have a potential. Magnetic forces don’t flow, but are static. They have potential but the flow cannot be demonstrated. Experiments in a very primitive way I have heard of but never seen are supposed to have shown a spiral motion in fluids under the magnetic field. My pet theory now is that - if we could produce a flow in the magnetic realm we might be able to discover the force, which counteracts gravity i.e. an anti-gravitational force. I have a little acts gravity i.e. an anti-gravitational force. I have a little magnet stave here, in fact two which, if suspended, one above the other and other and hindered to return and polarize, keep one stave abut 1/2 to 1/4 inch per suspended one above the other.
I am sure that only occult insight can find the solution of my problem and I believe that some people, in all secrecy, have found the answer already. Do you know more about which you would entrust to me? I am almost sure that your friends in Tibet have one of the magnetic secrets. I understand quite well that these matters should be kept secret and not used for personal ambition, gain or otherwise, especially not as a weapon of war. To these rules I would stick. My idea is to create a space as a "whole" in space i.e. a kind of vacuum into which the new magnetic force can flow. The question is than: how can this flow be demonstrated, as light phenomena, otherwise and how can it reveal its anti-gravitational force? What is the transmitter or transformer of the force?
There must be then an arrangement which is in tune or resonance outside the "hole in space" and which would react with anything of a mechanical force. I have also been told that certain objects which are exposed to blue light of the spectrum, on a sensitive scale, would become lighter then if exposed to diffuse or red light. But all this was not enough to come to an arrangement of an experiment.
(Dr. Vinod, May 26.1954)
There are of course the phenomena of levitation due to ecstasies, which we find reported in Indian literature and in medieval religious literature and reports. While some are probably due to autosuggestion I believe from the evidence that some are genuine levitations. Is there any other power except for the religious exalted state, which can produce such a phenomenon? Could a foreign, inert body be lifted? These are some of the questions. Now don’t think I am crazy or else. I approach this problem with the same sincerity and scientific mind as I have written the report and done the crystallizations under the general heading MIND RULES OVER MATTER. But the aim is that it does so not only in the indirect way. Maybe you are not interested or not familiar with the subject but know of somebody who could answer my question or if you don’t want to touch the subject just write so. Then I will not bother you with it. Maybe you or others concerned with I will not bother you with it. Maybe you or others concerned with the secrets may think the time is not yet. But than I have to say : to all indications the time has come. And if those who know or could know, who appreciate the problem since not cooperate etc. Others will come, especially here and make a big "business" out of it and things will go wrong while we would like to guard the knowledge.
I would like to learn more from you and with this I will close the letter. By August I hope to resume outer activities again, having recovered from my illness.
With my sincerest personal regards,

Yours faithfully

July 10.1954.

Dear. Dr. Vinod :

Enclosed please find:
1. The second crystallization method with chromatography
2. The report on a new testing method with chromatography
3. Some photographs of the first and second crystallization, which turned out reasonable readable.
4. Original chromatographic disks.

I have been particularly pleased with the chromatography and believe it will be a nice method to test also supernatural phenomena in as far as changes in the molecular and chemical structure of the test media (substances) are concerned. I have seen other tests made with the wine before and after blessing (trans-substantiation) which give different patterns. It may depend upon the nature and intensity of the blessing whether results maybe obtained or not, meaning that the mere recital of formulas without an understanding of the deeper meaning may not produce similar effects.

I would be interested to do more of these studies.

You never replied on my two letters and the first report. If it is only because of too much work, this is all right. But I would feel sorry if the shipment has not arrived, Therefore: just drop me a line whether the two letters, one with the report by airmail and an air letter, mailed the same day, have arrived, also whether you got this letter.
My own studies on the subject go on. My health has much improved recently and I hope by autumn to resume full activities.

With my kindest personal regards and best wishes

Sincerely yours,

Ehrenfried E. Pfeiffer.

Dr. D.G.Vinod
864 Sadashiv peth
Poona City
Bombay State. India.

Phone 6-1645

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आज मुहूर्तवूं या एक नित्योत्सव।
अद्वैत आमोदें, जेणे फुलेल हें विश्व।
क्षणोक्षण प्रभातेल नवोनव महापर्व।
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श्रीगुरूपुजा ही त्रिशिरा।
विमर्शा माऊलीची ही स्तनदुग्धधारा।
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आदिभान हें परात्परगुरुबीज।
विमर्शशक्ती श्रीशिवा गुरूविद्येची गुह्यशेज।
जीवूजीवूचा पहिला परिव्राज।
गुरूपादुकेचें आलोचन ।।४।।

एक उफराटे अ-कुल ब्रह्मपद्म।
तेथ निष्कलेचे निजशक्तीधाम।
निर्झरले व्यापिनीचे श्यामव्योम।
अमृतमेघ वोसंडला।।५।।

चतुष्कोणी देवतात्म्यांचे उगमस्थान।
बिंदुस्थली अमृतसिद्धीचें अनुभावन।
यथाक्रम आंतर अनुभवांचें अनुस्थापन।
श्रीगुरूविद्येचा सहजाचार हा।।६।।

‘विमर्श’ म्हणजे आदिभानस्थित चित्शक्ती।
पादुकोदय म्हणजे शिवशिवेची साम्यरसस्थिती।
गुरूकृपयैव या भाग्यश्रीची समवाप्ती।
‘गुरूकृपा’ ये नामें जीवू जीवूचें निरवस्थान।।७।।

‘चार’ म्हणजे सोपचार आराधन।
‘राव’ म्हणजे विमर्शशक्तीचें उपयोजन।
‘चरू’ म्हणजे द्रव्यगुणांचे संयोगीकरण।
‘मुद्रा’ या नांवे प्रतीकाचा प्रत्यंगभाव।।८।।

चित्गगन-चंद्रिकेची फेसाळली जान्हवी।
श्रीगुरूकृपेची वेल्हाळली की पान्हवी।
प्रकटली वा नीलाब्जाची श्रीसुषमा अभिनवी।
श्रीपादुकोदय स्तोत्र हें ।।९।।

श्रीनवशुक्तिकांचा सम्यक् समुल्लेख।
येथ दशोपनिषद्रहस्याचे महावार्तिक।
आदिकृपेचा जणुं संतताभिषेक।

।।इति श्री गुरूपादुकोदय स्तोत्रम्।।

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