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विनोदकुलपरंपरा/ About Vinods

Historical perspective of Vinods:



The family origin dates back to Tretta-Yug in the days of Shri BhargavRaam Avtaar of Vishnu (many billions years back). He reclaimed a land beside Sahyadri mountain range on west shore in Konkan area (Maharashtra state in India) and called upon 60 Brahmins to settle down on the reclaimed land. He invited brides from Ambejogai in Marathwada area of Maharatshtra and got them married. He formed groups of 6-7 such couples and sent them apart to establish themselves on various places in Konkan. We shared our land with Datars, Vads, Somans, Bhaves, Barves, Bams, Kolhatkars, Panchnadikars, Pethes



Original name Modak from A/P Kolthare, tal.Dapoli, Dist.Ratnagiri. Modak shifted to Panchnadi nearby place. Later they shifted to Parshuram (I found one old empty house), then to Tal. Alibaug A/P Ketakichaa Mala. About 5 generations back...one family member was a Kirtankaar. He was humorous. Peshave liked his performance. Mr. Peshve said..."You are Humor incarnate" ...We got our surname ”Vinod-the humor”


Our caste:

Hindu, Chitta-paawan, Brahmin


Our Gotra:

Our Gotra is Vashishtha


Our Kul-Devata:

Ambejogai near Tal.Beed has a old temple of Shri-Yogeshwari. Shri-Yogeshwari is in Tandala -Kumari form. Her janmotsav is on Margashirsh Powernima in December.


Our Kula-Daivat/Swami:

Our Kul-Daivat is Shri-Koleshwar at Kolthare. Shri-Koleshwar is Swayamboo Tri-Pindi Dattatreya. One fisherman found it nearby seashore while one cow was pouring her milk on Him. It’s a beautiful serene place. Kartik Powernima is the annual Utsav day.


Our “Panchayatan”:

It is a Datta-Panchayatan: Dattaguru in center (Pradhan Devata), left front: Annapoorna devi, left backside: Shaligram (ShriVishnu), right front: Suryamani (Sphatik), right backside: Ganapati


Our Kulaachar:

1) Sravan Shaniwar: Snan, Pooja, Bhojan of Batu in Shrawan month on Saturdays.

2) Deo-Diwali: 5 naivedya...Shri Koleshwar, Shri-Yogeshwari, Jakhaai, Kalkaai, Mul Purush Naivedya: Vade and Sanjache Gharage.

3) Dhulwad.day following Holi in Phalgun.


In addition Chaitra Gouri, Ganapati Poojan in Bhadrapad for one and half days, Gouri of 5 pebbles, Nav-Ratri: Diwa-Mal and Maha-Ashtami in Nav-Ratri,Margashirsha Powernima: Shri Dattatreya and Shri Yogeshwari Jayanti etc.

आमचा पत्ता

Dr. Samprasad and Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod Shanti-Mandir, 2100, Sadashiv Peth, Vijayanagar Col. Behind S. P. college Pune - 411030 

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