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Family extension

Family extension:


Nyayaratna's father was Shri Govind Vinod - a holy, spiritual and saintly person. Shri Govind Vinod was charitable to all people and completely selfless. His mangrove was open to all people from the village he belonged to. He would feel greatly distressed at the sight of the poor and often went out of his way to help them.


Nyayaratna's mother was Laxmibai - a woman of religious nature. Her father i.e. Nyayaratna's grandfather was Shri Kelkar. He was a typical Dashagranthi Nagaon-based Brahmin, who knew Vedas by heart. Due to continuous listening to the chanting of Vedas, Laxmibai herself had many vedic mantras on the tip of her tongue. In 1902, almost at the menopausal age of her life, she gave birth to a son by the grace of a holy man. This son was none other than Nyayaratna himself. Realizing how intelligent her son was, she stoically kept him in a hostel, away from herself so that he could get the best possible education. So, when honour was conferred on her son by Dr Kurtakoti for his extra-ordinary grasp of Indian Philosophy, her mind got filled up with utmost pride &satisfaction.


Nyayaratna's elder sister was Yamunabai Athavale. During her old age, she lived at Nyayaratna's home. There was a great love and affection between them. Nyayaratna would touch Yamunabai's feet as a mark of respect and take her blessings. Yamunabai, though an elder sister, would touch Nyayaratna's feet to salute the internationally renowned, kind hearted and highly learned person.


Nyayaratna was wedded when he was a child, as was the custom in those times. His wife was the daughter of Athavale family of Bahiroli village. But before long, she died of a minor illness. On the insistence of his parents, Nyayaratna married once again-this time to Mumbai based Draupadi Phatak. But, as things would have it, Draupadi also passed away in 1935 leaving behind a mentally retarded son - Prabhakar. Typhoid fever had affected his brain. He is now 72 years old.



Unfortunately in 1933, Nyayaratna got diabetes. This news jolted his mother and soon she died with this shock. Then, his father left for heavenly abode in 1936, but not before taking a vow from Nyayaratna that he would marry again to continue his family.


So with the blessings of Dr. Kurtakoti, Nyayaratna got into wedlock for the third and final time with Venu Abhayankar. It was a registered marriage without any formal rituals. Venu's father was an ardent follower of Lokmanya Tilak, the great freedom fighter of India. Venu was a highly intelligent lady. In 1926, she stood first in matriculation exams in the whole of Maharashtra. She was the winner of Jagannath Shankarsheth Scholarship. She did her Masters in Arts (M.A.) & Bachlor in Teaching (B.T.)


Their marital life was blissful, happy and prosperous. There was a genuine love, care and trust between them. After marriage, Nyayaratna changed Venu's maiden name to Maitreyi. Maitreyi had lost her mother during her childhood & hence had a craving for motherly affection. After marriage, however, Nyayaratna with his genuine love and caring for her, filled that vacuum.


Maitreyi Vinod wrote a book called 'Aho Saubhagyam! '. In this book she has described her life story in a simple & flowing language. ' Due to proper up-bringing, guidance from teachers and association with Maharshi I could live a complete and fulfilling life, which can be a matter of envy for many people' - She has said in her book. After passing away of Nyayaratna Maharshi Vinod, she took the responsibility of 'Maharshi Vinod Siddhashram Seva Mandal' on her shoulders. However, she spent her last years in the USA with her sons. After returning to Pune in 1981, soon she passed away. At the time of her death, she was contented, calm and blissful.



Nyayaratna & Maitreyi Vinod have five children. The eldest one is Dr. Hrishikesh who received his Ph.D. in Econometrics from the Harvard University & is presently working as a professor at Fordham University. His wife Arundhati is a Gynaecologist & Obstretician. She practices Ob. Gyn. at New Jersey. Rita, the daughter of Dr. Hrishikesh & Dr. Arundhati has completed her medical education and is on her way to become a practicing doctor.


The second child of Nyayaratna is Advocate Aditi Vaidya. She's settled in Pune & her husband Madhukar Vaidya is also a lawyer. Aditi Vaidya is a generous contributor to various social institutions. She is the trustee of Maharshi Vinod Siddhashram Seva Mandal established after passing away of Maharshi Vinod to propagate his teachings. Her elder son Padmanabh has his own independent business while younger son Chinmay practices law like his parents.


The third son of Nyayaratna is Udayan who has also settled in the USA. He worked for the communication giant AT&T at New Jersy. He was a part of their management team and is a socially active person. He is a committee member of Maharashtra Foundation there. His wife Sheela is a Pathologist. Their son Shachindra is a student of Columbia University graduate while their daughter Kateki is a college going student.


The fourth offspring and second daughter of Nyayaratna, is architect Samhita Shah. Her husband Shri Jagdish Shah is an architect too. Their elder son Chaitanya is doing his Chartered Accountant's course while his younger sister Shubha has completed a course of interior decoration and is on her way to complete a special course in Multimedia. His other sister is doing a course for being a Company Secretary while finishing her third year Commerce graduation. Shubha and Vibha are twin sisters.


The youngest son of Maharshi & Maitreti Vinod is Dr. Samprasad Vinod. He is a Bachelor of Medicine and has successfully carried forward the heritage of his legendary father. Dr. Samprasad Vinod, along with his doctor wife Rujuta (M.D. Anaesthesiology) established the Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation (MVRF) in 1983.


Since then through this Foundation both are giving treatment to the patients with the help of Yoga, carrying out research and imparting knowledge on the Yoga of Patanjali. Among his many disciples, Maharshi consecrated Anirudhacharya from Baroda and passed on to him the precious technique of Beejaksharividya. Anirudhacharya in turn blessed Dr. Samprasad Vinod with this precious knowledge at Shrikshetra Sidhashram in 1984.


Since then, on the occasion of the Vyasapuja, Dr. Samprasad Vinod is following the footsteps of his father by performing two special Tantric rituals of Sankalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi for all those who participate in this function.


Dr. Samprasad and Dr. Rujuta have two sons - Samanvay & Sanatan. Samanvay is 17 years old with Down's Syndrome. He is extremely noble at heart. Sanatan is in seventh standard and a budding cricketer!


The workers & followers of the MVRF and the MVSS are spread all over the world.


Maharshi Nyayaratna Vinod was a great soul and an intellectual giant who strangely remained anonymous to the present generation. There are number of young people who have taken inspiration from the life and writings of Maharshi. I pray to almighty God that let this small brief introduction motivate new generation for making better achievements in life.

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