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Oratory Of Maharshi Vinod:

 When he was in the 8th standard, Maharshi Vinod delivered a 45 minutes lecture on 'Spencer's philosophy'. His fluent and flawless English left the colleagues and teachers spellbound. His extraordinary public speaking ability convinced Barrister Babasaheb Jayakar, a noted personality of those times, predicted that Master Vinod would become a leading luminary of his times.

In 1933, he organised farmers of Coloba district. Under his guidance, meetings of farmers hailing from Narangi, Waghran, Pedhambe and other surrounding villages used to take place. His extraordinary brilliance and scholarship did not prevent him from relating with those poor and simple farmers.

During the years 1931-1938, he was associated with almost all public institutions. At that time he used to stay in Girgaon at the famous Chandramahal -Suryamahal Building. In those days, during Ganapati Festival times, he used to make 2 to 3 speeches every day on the subjects like 'Art of Living', 'Revolutionary Ideas from the Bhagawad Geeta', 'Meaning of Soul and Body' etc. Over and above that, he used to speak on Dyaneshwari, once every week throughout the year at Suryamahal. In those talks, every time he used to present new ideas and thoughts. In spite of a continuous stream of people coming to meet him, he used to find time to read and contemplate.

In 1937, he married Maitreyi Maharshi Vinod (Venu Abhayankar was her maiden name) and settled down in Pune. Within a span of two months after moving to Pune, he had presided over 12-13 public functions in Pune and delivered scholarly talks on different subjects under the sun. 'After Tatyasaheb Kelkar the heritage of chairing the public meetings has come to Appasaheb Maharshi Vinod' was the general talk among people from those days.

In 1938, he presided over the Convention of Sadhakas held in Rishikesh which was attended by hundreds of people. The Heads of many schools from Himalayas who were for imparting spiritual knowledge to the aspirants of Yoga, had highest regard for his spiritual standing and authority over Philosophy, and Mysticism.

In 1949, while on a tour to the USA and Europe, he recited verses from Atharvashirsha on BBC radio. In number of public speeches, he introduced American people to the glorious Indian Culture and philosophy of life. He delivered 16 speeches in two months on just one subject: 'Patanjal Yoga and Modern Psychology'. In addition, he gave speeches at almost all the Rotary Clubs and other Public Institutions. He was an official spokesman of many of those organizations.
From 1944-45, he started the public festival of Vyasa worship. Vyasa is one of the seven sages who are considered as eternal. In Vyasa, eternal guru principle has manifested. Therefore, he used to feel that Vyasa was the Guru of Gurus and the entire human race. He thought that the worship of Vyasa should be celebrated publicly. As the years went by, Vyasa worship was celebrated on a grand scale and thousands of people would attend this function on that day every year. At Tilak Memorial Hall, this festival would start in the evening and go on up to the next day morning. It was truly a gathering of scholars not only from Maharashtra but also from other parts of the world.

Number of erudite persons used to be publicly felicitated and honoured on that night. Maharshi along with scholars from India and Foreign countries used to deliver their speeches on that occasion. At the stroke of mid-night, Maharshi would perform a very special Tantric ritual in the form of Sankalpa Samadhi and Nirvikalpa Samadhi. On this occasion, Maharshi used to transmit the Vyasashakti (Divine Power) to the participants.

Apart from the speeches, many learned people used to deliver their sermons. A book or two used to get published every year. The legendary classical singers like Hirabai Badodekar, Master Krishnarao, Vasantrao Deshpande used to grace the occasion and delight the audience by their performance. Many renowned artists of today, who were little known at that time, gave their maiden public performances on that night. Maharshi's lecture used to be on Spirituality, Religion, Human Life and its Meaning and also on Teachings of Vyasa

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