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The Essays And Other Writings

 After 1925, Maharshi Vinod regularly wrote for the Bombay Chronicle, published by R.K.Prabhu and Braitrey and for The National Herald, which was published by Harnewman.

He wrote numerous philosophical essays while he was doing research work at Amalner. These essays were read during 'The Indian Philosophical Conference'.
Madam Sophiya Wadia used to publish a magazine, 'The Aryan Path'. It belonged to the 'New Theosophy' sect and had a worldwide circulation. Nyayaratna edited that magazine for a few years.

Maharshi was very popular amongst the learned men of Pune and Mumbai, as a man of great wisdom, a renowned orator and an equally great thinker. Many authors from those times would express the wish to Maharshi to write a foreword to their books. Thus, Maharshi wrote preface to several books on Ayurveda, Philosophy, Mantrashastra. He also wrote prefaces to books handling social issues, biographies and saint literature as per the wish of their authors. Maharshi would throw light on many hidden dimensions of the subject and wrote about it's basics with great authority and a broad perspective. He would write on how the subject has been handled by many other Indian as well as foreign thinkers. So his prefaces were highly informative, readable and giving valuable insight to the readers of that book. There was a general feeling among the authors that prefaces from Maharshi increased the value of the book. Maharshi had written prefaces to more than hundred books. He used to put great deal of efforts to make his prefaces free of any printing errors. It's our wish to publish a separate book containing all the prefaces he wrote from time to time to many books.

Maharshi Vinod's writings were also published under the title Sadhana Sootre in the magazine 'Rohini'. His writing style was aphoristic, brief, precise, thought provoking and yet self-explanatory. These articles would highlight many facets of a spiritual life. Like 'Rohini', Maharshi also wrote for magazine 'Mauli'. This magazine was dedicated to saint literature. In addition to that, every issue of the annual 'Dnyanadoot' published from Mumbai would always carry a lead article contributed by Maharshi Vinod.

His article, 'Saint Dnyneshwar and Modern Western Philosophical Thoughts' was of a high caliber. It is a comparative study between modern western thoughts and Indian Philosophy and life style. This article was included in 'Dnyaneshwar Darshan', a book by Dr. Dhaneshwar and Sardar Mirikar consisting of two volumes.
'Dhavalgiri', his major work on spiritual evolution was written sometime in 1960. 'Dhavalgiri' has its origin in 'Towards the Centre', a book by Joycee Balokovich, his American colleague and contemporary. 'Dhavalgiri' in its own right is highly inspiring, engaging and readable. The first edition of this great book was published in Sikkim. This function was presided over by Appasaheb Pant, the Indian Ambassedor of Sikkim and attended by Balokovich.

After 1925, while still studying for his M.A., Nyayaratna Maharshi Vinod, Prof. P.R. Damle, Sulabha Panandikar, Mrs. Damale and Chandu Sanzgiri formed the Satyashodhak Mandal' (Truth Search Society). In this Forum, activities like study of advanced philosophical thoughts, essay reading, debates on many issues used to take place. Many of these topics were further developed by Nyayaratna in breadth and depth in his philosophical essays written up to 1930. These essays were in the form of philosophical dialogues which he named as 'Adhunic Aranyake'(Modern Reflections in deep woods). It included discussions on varied topics like relation between human mind and nature, love and hatred, attitude of hero worship, matter and consciousness, nature of space and time, art and reality etc. These articles first appeared in the 'Vividh Dnyana Vistar' and were praised by great thinkers like Late Tatyasaheb Kelkar, S.K. Kolhatakar, and V.M. Joshi. Prof P.R. Damale later on in 1980 published the selected articles in the book 'Adhunik Aranyake and Eka Murtibhanjakache Tatvavichar' (Modern Aranyake and the Philosophy of an iconoclast).

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