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Maharshi's Study Of Extra Sensory Perception And his Association With World Renouned Research Institute:

Sir Oliver Lodge's books appealed to Maharshi Vinod and he got attracted to 'Atindriya Shastra' (Extra-Sensory Perception or ESP) at the age of 15-16.
His curiosity got further developed because of the strange happenings at a mysterious place near his home.

With the help, assistance and encouragement from Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, he got an opportunity to go to Tibet--- the home of many esoteric sciences. He visited several caves and monasteries and met many saints and holy men. He got introduced to many mystiques and secret doctrines of Siddhashastra.
In the libraries of Tanjavar and Darbhanga, he read many books and manuscripts in Sanskrit on ESP and other esoteric sciences.

He studied in depth the treatise called Siddhitreya, an important work by Mimansak Yamunacharya.

He met many fakirs staying in the nearby areas of the pyramids of Egypt.
He watched numerous miracles of a famous woman Saint, from South France Bernadet at Lourdes. He also visited some enigmatic places in Sweden and Norway. He explored the southern west border of Russia and also the northern polar region. There he came across Lap Landers - the tribal folk. With the aid of interpreters, he managed to get as much information about ESP as possible from them. He also traveled to Japan, Philippians, Cambodia, Siam, Hongkong, Burma and other places in the East and observed many methods and processes of Esoteric Science developed there.

He witnessed the Dr. Hyne's fundamental research on ESP at the laboratory of the Duke University. He was in co-operation and correspondence with this institute till the end.

In the Maine state of America, at Glen Clove near Rockland, is situated the illustrious institute 'Round Table Foundation'. Dr. Puharich, a Yugoslav scientist, was the director of the institute. This institute had appointed Dr Maharshi Vinod as a Research Consultant for seven months. He carried out several experiments in the laboratory during this period. He watched many people affiliated with this institute had highly developed ESP present in them

He also visited the foundation established by Dr. Roussel and his wife Lao.
For many years, he was associated with German scientist Dr. Pfeiffer who had conducted many experiments on parapsychology in the Spring Valley, 40 miles away from New York.

A lady called Ilene Garet had performed many experiments on the Esoteric Science. In 1953, in Switzerland, she organised a conference of the Para psychologists. It was a grand, World Conference during which she and Maharshi Vinod came to know each other quite well.

Maharshi Vinod held detailed discussions with the famous mathematician and physicist of the order of Albert Einstein and Dr. Milikan. Both the scientists talked with a lot of affection and expressed their earnest desire that the existence of ESP should get established on a firm experimental footing. Both these scientists told Maharshi Vinod that India should make progress in this science.

Maharshi Vinod observed the experiments on the ESP performed by Aldus Huxley and Jerard Herd.

He carefully observed the psychological experiments and studies on the research methods in parapsychology at the universities of Washington, Columbia and California.

He also visited the universities of Paris, Munich and London, Dr. Jung's Laboratory, & the universities of Hawaii and Tokyo to see the wide scale research in ESP.

After so much globetrotting and research, Maharshi Vinod established nine postulates on the ESP. In a nutshell, those postulates can be summarized as; there is no limitation to the extra-sensory powers of human beings due to the presence of divine principle in him. Such extra-sensory powers can be developed with the practice of Yoga. The study of such mystique science, includes many 'Dos' and 'Don'ts', different rules of conduct, and other associated practices can be done under the able guidance of a guru. Taking the help of modern parapsychology and Vedic Mantrashastra any experiment can be performed.

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