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Association with Political, Social and Religious Leaders
and Freedom Fighters:

While he was still a student of the Elphinston college, Nyayaratna got closely acquainted with great personalities like Ravindranath Tagore, Sarojini Naidu, Barrister Jina and Yusuf Meheralli.

From Elphinston college the Taj Hotel is just round the corner. Many guests from abroad soon would know about Maharshi Vinod and his special abilities in palmistry, astrology and face reading. Maharshi Vinod was in great demand among them and many would strive to meet him. Maharshi Vinod had seen the hands of dignitaries like King Amanullah and Sir Akbar Haidri at that time.

Nyayaratna then went to Pondicherry, accompanied by advocate Shri Dorayaswami of Chennai to meet Shri Arvindo. Shri Arvindo lovingly gifted Maharshi Vinod, two volumes of "Life Divine".

It was during the same time he secretly came in contact with revolutionaries like Bhagatsingh. His patriotic fervor and impassioned feelings for his motherland made him write a pledge in his own blood that he would do anything for his country. The revolutionaries had to undergo a special test to prove their endurance. A red hot iron rod was passed through the thigh and the brave young men were not supposed to utter a word but stoically face the ordeal. Nyayaratna came off with flying colours through this test. However, he did not take part in any revolutionary activities, as his life mission was more spiritual than worldly.

The Congress activist from Colaba district, Babasaheb Thosar was Nyayaratna's schoolmate. Along with Babasaheb Thosar Nyayaratna, also took part in the 'farmers agitation' organized in the Colaba District. The farmers were demanding the ownership rights of the land leased to them by landowners for cultivation.
During 1931-38, Nyayaratna was associated with all the social institutions of Mumbai like Govardhan Sanstha (Institute for protection and well being of cows), Sanskrit school, GeetaDharmaMandal (Institute for the propagation of the teaching of Geeta). Nyayaratna took initiative in organizing many cultural and social programs like Ganapati Festival, Vyasapooja, birth anniversary of the great Shankaracharya, death anniversary of Lokmanya Tilak, GeetaJjayanti etc.

After 1937, he actively participated in the agitation to ban cow slaughter. Both he and Shri Chounde Maharaj met Lord Leenlithgo, Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Malaviya etc. and managed to stop the new construction work of a slaughterhouse at Lahore. During this time he would meet Gandhi many times to discuss philosophy and religion with him.

Gandhiji would consult Maharshi Vinod on many social issues like untouchability, social injustice and inequality, problems related to women and seek his advice on how to end these pernicious social traditions and make constructive improvements in the society.

While in England, he got acquainted with philosophers like C.E.M. Jod, Bertrand Russel and Dr. Jung. In London he was honored with membership of a reputed institute called 'Royal Society of Arts'.

The king of Norway, His Majesty Hawkon the 7th had invited Maharshi Vinod for a dinner. While in Norway, Maharshi Vinod also got an opportunity to watch the famous midnight sun in the North Polar Region.

Nyayaratna was the President of the Rotary, which is an international organization. The United Nations, American association on United Nations, Round Table Foundation, Universalistic Church, Psychological Foundation of New York, Pythagorean Society and many such institutions had conferred their honorary memberships on him.

In London, Psychical Research Society, East and West Friendship Council had offered their honorary membership to Maharshi Vinod.

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