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His unique life-style:


As said earlier, almost everyone was conscious of Nyayaratna's extraordinary brilliance right from his childhood. In the 4th grade at school level, he'd solved a considerably difficult mathematical problem with ease - a problem even his teacher could not solve. His memory was so phenomenal that, years after reading a particular book, he would recall its name along with the author, the publication & contents with amazing accuracy and ease. While giving a particular reference, he could easily tell size, colour & page number of a book he had read 20 years ago.


In college, Nyayaratna would stand out from the rest, because of his totally different, informal, relaxingly open and independent manner of thinking and disposition. No traces of any tension or any awkwardness were to be found in his persona. However his sense of propriety and morality always remained alive.

He wasn't just a first rate intellectual but connoisseur of different arts. He enjoyed watching art exhibitions, plays, dramas & listened to music concerts.

He would stay in Elphinston college hostel. Scholar students from other rooms would set an alarm to get up before dawn to study. But in Maharshi Vinod's room, discussions on varied topics with friends like Prof. Damle would begin late in the evening after dinner & continue till the early morning-the time for scholars to wake up. The topics of discussions would usually be outside the boundaries of academic curriculum. They would talk on anything & everything under the sun. In their quest to understand even a trifle thing from the complex world, they would think deeply into the fundamental issues related to the topics. Such exercise would automatically lead them to clarity and understanding. Thus, they would develop a comprehensive understanding of the subject and all its facets after such discussions.

Nyayaratna would recite aloud the favourite lines from great Sanskrit literature.

His method of expression during the discussions was a bit exaggerated & a bit paradoxical. When asked for an opinion, he would give it in a bold, frank and hearty manner. He'd express his praise as well as criticism.

Not being much of a sportsman or an athlete, he however enjoyed an evening stroll with his friends on seashore.

He'd listen the lectures delivered by the professors with full concentration. He'd quickly finish with the reading of prescribed textbooks along with the supplementary books. He would never study just for passing the exams. He didn't like learning by rote, but enjoyed humming some original English poetry with love and intense emotion. He was a voracious reader and liked to read on many subjects.

Whenever good speakers visited the college or there was an interesting panel discussion, he would leave his studies to attend the program.

Very few people knew that he had a great sense of humour, which was with him all his life. Upto a certain limit, he used to behave and speak with courtesy, seriousness and simplicity, but used to add a lot of humour and play pranks.

He was basically a village man from Konkan. Naturally, everybody would initially misunderstand him as a poor & innocent person without much sophistication. On the contrary, Nyayaratna had a minute understanding of human psychology. Nothing used to miss his keen eye and he used to grasp any situation quickly. He was extremely witty and endowed with sound common sense.

A very approachable person, he'd a soothing attitude, which put everybody, big and small talking to him, at ease. Due to natural simplicity & spontaneous humour, he would create a joyful atmosphere around him..

He had in him all the qualities of a good actor. The dialogues of great theatre artists like Gadkari, Kolhatkar, Khadilkar were forever on the tip of his tongue. He was an excellent mimic…but his witty remarks and humour were never hurting to anybody.


He shared a good rapport with umpteen institutions. The workers from these institutions would come to him for help and guidance. During a situation of crisis or dispute, he would give his decision after taking a long-term view, thinking all pros and cons and considering the problem from all the angles. His equanimity and unbiased attitude would satisfy both the warring parties. Particularly in family disputes, he used to explain the other side of the story to opposite sides in an amiable manner. He would ask very specific questions to extract proper replies. Because of his skill, people never used to feel hurt and see for themselves-what was right Due to his abilities to resolve a conflict by giving correct decisions he was totally worthy of his title- Nyayaratna. Many tricky situations got sorted out because of his deftness.

'If Nyayaratna had dedicated himself to research and writing then everybody would have known that in Maharashtra, after Tilak and Ranade, a person of such calibre was born', Prof. Damale would say. But because Nyayaratna had got a very sensitive mind and a deep compassion, he was more of a saint than an intellectual giant. Consciously, he led his life using all his abilities to serve the needy and the distressed.

He would always say, "Do not sit face to face with your opponent. By doing so, you & your opponent have faces turned in opposite direction, so also the thoughts emerging in both the minds. In order to end the differences, you must sit beside your opponent as a friend and try to understand the problem from his viewpoint. If you agree to disagree, then your opponent also adopts a more flexible attitude. Not to have any expectations from others is helpful in resolving a conflict"

He had a deep sympathy for the Dalits or the downtrodden people and was painfully aware of the injustice done to them. He had a burning desire to end their persecution. Many distressed people of all ages, castes, races and religions suffering from physical disorders, mental depression or those who were victims of agonizing circumstances would throng at his home for assistance. He would kindle hope in their hearts so that they could stand on their own feet, think logically and understand their responsibility. After partly unburdening them of their woes he would tactfully explain to them the gravity of circumstances and guide them on how to face and come out of the situation. Many people who got a new lease of life due to assistance from Nyayaratna are still alive.

Along with counseling, he would also use Ayurvedic medicines, mystic sciences and dietary regimens to treat the ailing.


To be with him was a golden opportunity for the family members, who could learn valuable lessons in his presence. 'If you are speaking with others, use a soft, low tone agreeable to the ears; don't close or open any door with a bang; handle utensils with care to avoid an irritable din'- He inculcated the importance of such small things on his family members. His own conduct was an objective lesson for others to follow. His persona was a peculiar blend of warmth of love and awe. His family members always experienced his love, affection and compassion for them. His family members do not remember him getting angry with anyone. On a very rare occasion, when he did, the next moment he would feel compassion for them. He would refrain himself by thinking 'the person does not know what he is doing' and once more return to his serene self. Because of his equanimity and calmness of mind, people who came in contact with him had got a special place for him in their hearts.

To his near and dear ones, he was an epitome of love, greatness and outstanding abilities.

आमचा पत्ता

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