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About organization -inception

About Inception

M.V.R.F. – Aims and Objects :

In 1983, under Dr. Samprasad Vinod's leadership, some of his devotees, friends, cured patients and well-wishers came together to establish Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation (M.V.R.F.), a Public Charitable Trust, in the noble memory of Late Maharshi Vinod.

M.V.R.F. has following aims and objects –

A. The main or dominant objects for which the society is established are :

To establish, operate, promote, run, maintain, manage, assist educational and research institutions in India and abroad for teaching theory, practice and principles of Yoga and such other practices and conducting research in the science and discipline of Yoga and their application to life.

To promote the study of Yoga and to establish, promote, and maintain hospitals and medical centers for providing Yogic and allied treatment (both preventive and curative) to treat physical, mental, spiritual and allied aliments, diseases and irregularities.

To work for human understanding, peace and creative growth of human personality through the application of or by conducting research into the principles of Yoga and such other practices.

To conduct for assist the conduct of fundamental and applied research into the human consciousness, its depth, natures and potentialities in the direction of mental, spiritual growth and creativity and also into prana and other allied concepts from philosophical literature.

For the attainment of the above aims and objects, to conduct classes, deliver lectures, discourses, carry on dialogues, give or arrange through outside experts for imparting personal instructions and advises, conduct institutions and render any other cultural, educational, medical and other services, activities including aiding and helping other institutions with similar and/or allied objects, where there shall be scope for applying and achieving the aforesaid aims and objects.

To impart or arrange to impart education (both primary and/or Secondary) to the uneducated rural and/or urban based masses with a view to contribute (the Society's bit) towards fulfillment of a national objective of removal of illiteracy by opening new educational institutions or by rendering all assistance (financial and/or otherwise) to the existing institutions as and when such occasions may arise, to the maximum extent possible, by all lawful ways and means.

To provide and/or manage to provide facilities for educating the rural and/or urban populations in matters of taking Primary Health Care (both preventive and curative) and to eventually motivate them to form habits of observing the elementary rules of personal and public hygiene, of teaching the modern concepts of Family Welfare Devices; also to motivate and educate them towards the implementation of the national campaign of arresting the even-growing Indian Population by arranging lectures, seminars of eminent medical experts and of those from other related social as well and or other fields.

To provide or cause to provide facilities for imparting elementary and/or higher education to the rural based owners of cultivable land and/or tillers thereof , in taking preventive and curative care of their animal folk; also to educate the rural agriculturists in taking preventive and curative measures for saving their crops from insect - infestations (or otherwise destruction), by practical demonstrations of the use thereof, so that they (the rural agriculturists) may get maximum benefits from modern Insecticides in order to arrange to afford facilities to such agriculturists about getting training (both theoretical and practical) in the proper and systematic use of all types of modern agricultural measures, implements and pesticides available in the market to foster crop/fruits growth and to eventually procure optimum crop/fruits yields.

To establish, undertake, promote, manage, conduct and/or otherwise render all possible assistance to the Research Laboratories and/or institutions (whether Government sponsored or otherwise) for conducting research programmes in all the branches of the Science of Agriculture, at the rural, state, national or even international level, if that be possible, by practical experiments in the laboratories and/or the agricultural fields with the aid of foreign expertise or in any other form as may become possible, by scientific and systematic use of the modern techniques and pesticides taking both preventive and curative possible to the ''Optimum Agricultural Produce Procurement'' Programme/Campaigns initiated by Government and/or Private Bodies.

To impart training in Yoga and such other practices both practical and theoretical in India and abroad by setting up schools, colleges and like institutions, by conducting regular classes, reading rooms, liabraries and to carry on research and conduct all other incidental activities for the spread of the science and discipline of Yoga and such other practices.

To grant endowment to universities, Research Institutions and other Educational Institution for the spread of knowledge of different disciplines of Yoga and such other practices.

To organise health camps in yoga and allied modes of therapy especially in rural areas, with a view to train the adult village-folks by inculcating into them, the importance of the theory and practice of such therapeutic methods and the eventual infusion of Yogic Discipline in themselves.

To run various courses to train teachers who would be able to conduct Yoga classes independently in various parts of Poona City or in rural areas or even out of India, if and whenever that be possible.

To undertake and/or to promote research activities to explore various modalities for inculcating Yogic philosophy and allied practices, in persons from different walks of life and as a part of "Primary Health Care" approach.

To assist teachers, students, members in receiving advanced training in Yoga and such other practices in other similar institutions in India or abroad.

To set up branches within India or outside and/or to carry on similar activities towards achievement of the objectives set out herein above.

To run medical and health centers for rendering treatment by Yoga and allied methods of Therapy and to train students for imparting and spreading these methods of treatment.

To collect, compile, study all available literatures on Yoga and related sciences in Sanskrit, Oriental, European and any other language and to publish literature in the above languages with a view to promote research in the subject.

To print, publish, exhibit subscribe and/or subsidise the publication of books, periodicals magazines, pamphlets, posters, circulars, pictures, photographs, that may be considered desirable for the promotion of the objects of the Society.

To organise demonstrations of Yogic and such other practices by qualified instructors or any other competent persons, in factories, educational institutions and other public places.

To conduct seminars, conferences, refresher courses, exhibitions in India or abroad for members of medical profession or the lay folks to spread the in depth knowledge of the scientific aspects of Yoga and allied branches of knowledge.

To assist doctors and patients in achieving speedy recovery from various mental and physical ailments by using the method of Yoga and such other practices, to provide necessary medical Yogic and allied treatments, free of charge to the deserving poor and needy persons irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

To set up within Pune and outside thereof "Nature Cure Centers" to treat various mental and physical ailments by Yogic, Spiritual and all other conventional methods of treatment both preventive or curative.

To study problems and ailments relating to the human mind, body, intellect, spirit and prana etc. and to establish and carry out research programmes for in depth study of such disorders and to establish, maintain and run proper institutions, classes, sanatoria and hospitals for the study ad cure of such disorders by Yogic, Spiritual and all other conventional methods of treatment both preventive and curative.

To conduct experiments and studies regarding the causes and cures of various physical and mental ailments and to bestow upon the masses the benefits of treatment by above methods of Yoga vis-a-vis those of Allopathy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy etc. in order to gain wider knowledge and understanding of the causes, preventions and cures of such ailments.

To start diploma and/or degree courses in the Science and discipline of Yoga and to conduct examinations for the students, either independently or under the auspices of any university and/or government/semi govt. Bodies.

To establish hospitals, research institutions, medical and health centers and to provide, furnish and fix them up with all necessary furniture, instruments, and other sophisticated equipments necessary for hospitals for the treatment of various patients suffering from diseases or accidents or disabilities (Mental and/or Physical) for such period and on such terms and conditions as the Board of Trustees may deem fit from time to time and/or to provide other facilities for such treatment to the maximum extent possible.

To procure and make available the services of qualified doctors and experts in Yoga and other related fields, either on remuneration, gratuitous or in an Honorary capacity, for the treatment of patients and/or for providing expert guidance to the students, from time to time.

To publish statistical and scientific data in India and abroad and circulate brochures, pamphlets, leaflets, charts, diagrams or other matters setting forth or dealing with or relating to medical, scientific research or research in Yoga or investigations and diagnosis and treatment and such other devices and by persistent practice thereof.

To undertake the management and conduct of institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, health and medical aid centers, clinics etc. having similar objects, either jointly or otherwise.

To award fellowships, scholarships and grant monetary and other assistance possible to students on such terms and conditions as the Board of Trustees may decide, for the purpose of undertaking research in India or abroad, for the promotion, pursuit and spread of all stages of primary and higher education in all branches of science, particularly in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine and other technologies.

To establish, maintain and support libraries, museums and reading rooms for advancement of Primary and Higher education and knowledge in prevalent largely in the rural areas.

To take over or to associate with for conduct or management or amalgamate with any other Society/Trust having similar objects and to take over all properties, assets and funds of such Society/Trust or Trusts and also all the benefits enjoyed by them, under any contract or agreement as well as their liabilities and debts, properly incurred or contracts entered into by such Trust and/or Society and carry out into effect all such deeds and instruments as may be necessary or advisable.

To undertake and/or to assist in undertaking the study of the effects of industrialization, urbanization upon the human health and/or behaviour in general and also the impact thereof on the socio-economic development. (especially towards raising the standard of living) and consequently on the family pattern and the social structure at large.

To expend the funds of the Society in sending deserving patients to and maintaining them in convalescent homes and other similar institutions, charitable hospitals, private hospitals etc. in India or abroad in such manner and to such extent as may be decided by the Board of Trustees and in paying expenses or part thereof, as the Trustees may decide from time to time.

To expend the funds of the Society in sending teachers, students, or other employees or any member of the Board of Trustees of the Society or any expert or advisor connected with the Society, for training in Yogic Practices and such other related fields anywhere in India or abroad in such manner and to such extent as may be deemed expedient from time to time; provided always that the Board of Trustees are satisfied that such persons shall make available the benefits of such training, knowledge and the resultant experience gained for the use and benefit of the Society.

To give donations, grants, and/or endowments to Universities, Research Institutions and other educational Institutions for the spread of knowledge of Yoga in all its fields and general education in all branches and/or any particular branch of Science, Agriculture, Medicine and other Technologies, particularly in the rural areas where such facilities are not available.

To collect, co-ordinate and disseminate scientific knowledge, medial data, statistics and/or information as to the root-causes, prevalence, speedy treatment (both preventive and curative) of diseases and to establish a bureau and/or bureaus, centers for accumulation of such knowledge, data, information and to make available the benefits of such research to the general public.

To award freeships, fellowships, scholarships, loan scholarships on such terms and conditions as the Board of Trustees may think fit, for the purpose of undertaking research in Yoga in particular and also for prosecuting and encouraging higher education and research work in India or abroad in any branch of Yoga and other related fields, through use of various medical sciences and branches of modern medicine, in its widest and most comprehensive sense.

To provide requisite drugs, medical aid, treatment and assistance to patients suffering from various diseases at Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Aid Centers or elsewhere and/or to provide such patients with vehicles and/or financial assistance, either by way of gifts or by way of loans, with or without interest, to provide them with the facilities to reach the Govt. and/or Private Hospitals in the cities whenever required.

To procure the services of Doctors, Surgeons or Medical Practitioners, Specialists, including Vaidyas, Hakims, Homeopaths, Nurses, Health Assistants/Inspectors and Servants etc. either on remuneration or in an honorary capacity.

To build, hire, maintain, run, assist, hostels for students, doctors and others involved in medical education, medical relief and research and equip them with amenities considered necessary for the proper discharge of their duties.

To provide, either or hire or otherwise, Hospitals, Medical Institutions, Research Institutions, Clinics, Medical Aid Centers, books etc. as may be deemed necessary and be possible.

To provide or get associated with auxiliary units and departments such as X-ray departments, pathology departments, operation theatres, blood banks, Anesthesia departments, eye banks and other organ transplant units etc. which may be run by Public Charitable Society or Societies in Pune or at any other place for the Society and/or its institutions.

To provide on hire or otherwise, Dialysis machines, X-ray machines, E.C.G. machines, E.E.G. machine equipments, Hyperberio-oxygen-treatment units etc. to clinics, medical-aid centers, dispensaries and/or other needy persons, as may be occasioned.

To help, propagate and run research programmes and assist the government in Family Welfare Schemes, blood, eye, ear and kidney donation drives, prevention or communicable and infectious diseases and rehabilitation of disabled patients, Youth Welfare and Development activities.

To provide free medical aid to the maximum extent possible, to public affected by natural calamities like floods, tornados, earthquakes, famines and disasters like wars, fires, accidents etc.

To undertake supply of essential commodities like drugs, oxygen cylinders, anaesthetic materials and allied items etc. needed for hospitals, medical colleges, Research Centers, Clinics and Medical aid Centers, as well as to arrange for the supply of educational aids to the rural population.

To run and manage work-shops for the manufacture, repair and maintenance of machines and instruments required for medical education, medical research and medical relief.

To undertake projects and programmes for promoting the social and economic welfare of, or the uplift of the public in any rural and/or urban area and without in any way derogating from the generality of the foregoing; to undertake, promote and support programmes, and provide assistance in setting up rural industries by the rural weak; to provide rural and/or urban population with employment, establishment, dispensaries, maternity and child welfare centers, family welfare centers, nutrition programmes for school children, establishment and running of educational and vocational training centers, construction and maintenance of rural link roads, village streets pavments and drainage facilities, construction and maintenance of drinking water projects such as wells, tube-wells, rural electrification and street lighting in villages, minor irrigation schemes and construction of houses for weaker sections in rural and/or urban areas, supply of improved varieties of seeds, supply of fertilizers and insecticides to small marginal farmers, supply of plant protection equipment to small/marginal farmers, animal husbandary, assistance to groups of small/marginal farmers, landless labourers for poultry farming, horticulture, etc. and setting up workshops for servicing and repairs of farm machinery, training of artisans etc.

To run, orphanages, asylums, sanatoria, geriatric care centers, remand homes, hostels etc. especially for weaker sections of the Society.

Distribution of free food and clothing to the needy and poor.

Setting up or helping by endowments or otherwise, orphanages or houses for the benefit of orphans, widows and/or other poor persons.

Establishing or rendering help to any institutions, for the alleviation of human suffering.

To grant and/or help to procure subscriptions, contributions and/or donations to any public funds or institutions, for promotion of any public charitable objects.

To render all possible help in matters of boring of wells and/or setting up water supply systems, whenever and wherever there may be scarcity of water.

To promote and conduct or assist in the conduct of the operations, maintenance, supply of or support of gardens, gymnasiums physical culture centers and other means of public recreation for advancement of health and hygiene.

To act as promotors and consultants for any Society, association or institution having similar objects as may be deemed fit.
To do all such other lawful things as may be incidental and conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above purposes and objects or any part thereof as aforesaid and/or those that may be declared by the Board of Trustees from time to time in future.
IV. Subject to the Rules and Regulations of the Society, the general management of the affairs of the Society is vested in the Board of Trustees of which the first members are as mentioned herein below; who will conduct the affairs of the Society in accordance with the said Rules and Regulations.

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