सेवाभावी संस्था

Swanand Sahayog Sadhana

Swanand Sahayog Sadhana:

Swanand Sahayog Sadhana: Discovery and Sharing of true inner happiness

At the individual & social level, modern man is more unhappy, restless, insecure and discontented than ever before. Invasion of materialistic culture has gradually started infiltrating into the very fabric of our society. Untoward effects of excessive indulgence in material & sensual pleasures are becoming more and more apparent everyday. As a consequence of these developments, incidences of psychosomatic disorders, violence, crimes and corruption are growing at an alarming rate. The most essential single factor responsible for the present state of affairs, is the lack of proper knowledge & absence of awareness about the process of discovering 'True Inner Happiness' and also sharing the same with others.

It is true, that every one of us wants to be happy, contented and peaceful at heart. We also want a conducive atmosphere for this pursuit. However, very few of us are able to accomplish both these objectives.

Being happy within oneself and making others happy are not unrelated & separate goals. In fact, they are the most compatible and mutually supportive propositions. It goes without saying, that if you are truly happy, you also make others happy. If the atmosphere in which you are put in, is full of joy, your heart also begins to reverberate with the same joy.

Yoga is certainly a very systematic, scientific, methodical, step by step way of learning how to be individually healthy, happy, peaceful, contented & also to share the same with your family members and society.

During a deep & profound state of Samadhi, Dr. Samprasad Vinod was 'Divinely Inspired' with the concept of "Swanand Sahayog Sadhana". He looks at this inspiration as "His" Blessings. With immense gratefulness, humbleness & respect Dr. Vinod owes it to "Him".

S.S.S. is a very powerful tool , evolved on the basis of the most fundamental philosophical concepts, drawn from the 'Science of Yoga'.

Large number of ardent followers of Swanand Sahayog Sadhana(S.S.S.), are able to experience this in their daily life .

Maharshi Vinod Research Foundation (M.V.R.F.) has undertaken a project for the propagation of this unique concept & the response from India and abroad is growing day by day.

You may also come forward to learn this Sadhana & make your 'Life Interior‘ far more happy & full of Love, Peace & Joy.

You are most welcome to be a member of the expanding Yoga Family & join hands with us in the Divine Mission of spreading the Gospel of Joy and Love.

Swanand Sahayogi Sadhak Mandal

( Members of Yoga Family )

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