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Teaching and training faculty

Teaching and Research Faculty
Because we have been doing very different kind of research & training activities in the field of Yoga, our requirements regarding teaching & research staff are very different than other recognised research institutes. These requirements are adequately fulfilled.

Our main strength lies in having obtained support from the devoted band of voluntary workers, who are working for the cause of promotion of Yoga. These workers offer their teaching and other services to the institute. They appear to come from vertical cross-section of the society. Some of them are highly educated and are enjoying respectable positions in the society.

The institute has formed a Research Committee comprising of eminent scholars from the field of Psychology, Biophysics, Medicine, Orthopedics, E.N.T. etc. These scholars meet according to the nature of the research project to be undertaken & formulate such projects which are accordingly implemented



Name Qualification Designation Nature of Work
 Dr. S.D.VINOD  M.B.B.S., M.D.,Ph.D., D.SC.


 Yoga Expert
 Director of the Institution  Yoga Teaching and Consultation, Coordination of Research and Teaching Activities
 Dr. MRS. R.S.VINOD  M.D.  Director, Research and Training  Yoga Teaching, Medical Consultant, Individual and Family Counseling, Designing and Execution of Research Projects
 Dr. Smt. USHATAI KHIRE  M.A., Ph.D.  Research and Teaching Guide  Consultation & Guidance regarding Teaching, Designing and Implementation of Research Projects.
 Dr. KALYAN M. GANGWAL  M.D. (Medicine)  Medical Research & Teaching Guide  Consultation & Guidance regarding Medical Research Projects.
 Dr. MADAN PALSANE  M.A., Ph.D. (Psychology)  Psychological Research & Training Guide  Consultation & Guidance regarding Psychological Research
 Dr. P.B. VIDYASAGAR  M.Sc., Ph.D. (Physics)  Research Guide  Consultation & Guidance regarding Interdisciplinary Research Projects.
 Dr.S.B.RANADE B.A.,M.S. M.Sc., Ph.D. F.A.I.M. (Ayurveda) Ayurvedic Research Guide Consultation & Guidance regarding Interdisciplinary Research Projects.
 MR. PRASAD SHIRGAONKAR  B.Com., I.C.W.A.  Project Basis  
 MISS MUGDHA DIXIT  M.P.M.  Yoga Instructor  In addition, help in administration and Research Activities
 MRS. MEERATAI SALODKAR  S.S.C.  Yoga Instructor  Teaching
 SMT. SHARADATAI HIRLEKAR  M.Sc.  Receptionist  In addition, Reception, Clerical and other Office work
 MR. S. D. BAPAT  B.E. (Mechanical)  Yoga Instructor  Teaching
 MR. AVINASH KALE  B.A.  Yoga Instructor  In addition, Reception, Clerical and other Office work


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