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Yoga Training

Yoga Training:

We are conducting our own courses, designed according to the varying needs of the participants.

The duration, contents & frequency of these courses varies from group to group.

The courses like Basic Course in Yoga, Advance Course In Yoga, Stress Management workshops, Special courses on Preventive, curative & promotional aspects of Yoga therapy, course on philosophy & practice of Yoga, Yoga For Academic Excellence; are very popular and well attended.

The institute is successfully meeting the need of the society in this regard.



Name of the course Duration Month/Week/ Weekend Course Contents
 Basic Course in Yoga  Two weeks intensive 2 hrs/day
  • Development of Personality
  • Development of Mental Abilities
  • Promotion of Positive Health
  • Yogic Postures
  • Pranayam
  • Prayer
  • Omkar chanting
 Course in Yoga Therapy  Round the year. Duration variable as per individual requirements
  • Yoga - A way of Life.
  • Self Observation and Self Study
  • Medical Check-up
  • Review of Health Record
  • Design of individualized therapy program
 Course on Preventive and Promotive aspects of Yoga  Round the year
  • Yoga Training in Postures, Pranayam, Omkar chanting
 Course on Philosophy and Practice to Yoga  Once/Twice per Year (also when abroad)
  • Training into the techniques of Relaxation
  • Concept of Mental Health
  • Training into the Techniques of Meditation
 Workshops on various Modalities of Treatment of Yoga  Round the year
  • Hypnotherapy in carefully selected individuals
  • Stress Management Workshops
 Swananda Sahayog Sadhana (S.S.S.)  Week/weekend
  • Individual Happiness
  • Peace of Mind
  • Inner strength and vitality


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Dr. Samprasad and Dr. Mrs. Rujuta Vinod Shanti-Mandir, 2100, Sadashiv Peth, Vijayanagar Col. Behind S. P. college Pune - 411030 

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