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Yoga research

Research Work :

We have been doing research mainly in the field of Yoga, on an inter-disciplinary basis. Several research studies, surveys have been carried out in Psychology, Philosophical psychology, Stress Management, Personality Development etc. during last three years.

Areas in which research is done:
So far, we have explored no. of areas like -

Comprehensive Health Care,

Personality Development,

Adolescent Problems,

Mental Stress,




Reaction - Time as a measure of Intelligence,

Disable Youth etc.

Personality Profile of Addiction - Prone youth



Self Concept

Stress profile of Govt. officers & Stress Management

Tension free concentration and Divergent Thinking

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Integration of Personality

Self Actualisation

Academic Excellence

Leadership Potential

Emotional and Mental Stability.

Voluminous Data has been collected for the past 14 years through such research endeavors
Potential Social Benefits Of Our Research Endeavors:
The research activities we have undertaken so far, are not intended to be only theoretical and academic gymnastics, but have a direct bearing on social order and well being. Following are some of the potential long term social benefits of our studies.

S. No.


Social Benefits


Reduction in Anxiety

  1. Control and prevention of Psychosomatic disorders.
  2. Improving academic performance of students.
  3. Reduction in anti-social behavior of youth.
  4. Reduction in stress induced addictions.
  5. Brisk, accurate physical reflexes in players and workers.
  6. Peace of mind and happiness in general


Development of Positive Motivation

       Useful for Better -

  • Orientation, implementation, execution and perpetual efficiency at work.
  • Performance in studies and competitive games.
  • Job Satisfaction.


Reduction in Negative Motivation.

  1. Additive effect on positive motivation.
  2. Removal of paralyzing effect on negative thinking. This in effect results into
  • reduction in suicidal tendency, as well as its incidence.
  • improvement in the quality and quantity of work output.
  • betterment of inter-human relationship


Improvement in Numerical Memory

       For understanding and memorizing the ever-growing knowledge and thus keeping abreast with the demands of Computer Age.


Reduction in Reaction Time

  1. Indicates Development of general Intelligence
  2. Improvement in the ability to take quick and accurate decisions.
  3. Great asset for improving performance of cricketers.
  4. Great importance for pilots, divers, security personnel and commandos.


Development of Personality

a. Positive Traits

b. Negative Traits

  • Development of self-confidence, self-sufficiency and sociability as positive traits of personality are vitally important for the all round development of Youth.
  • Reduction in Neuroticism as a negative trait, is very important in the context of treatment of neurotic, psychoneurotic and psychosomatic disorders. Also for reduction in suicidal tendency, additions and for prevention of injuries to self and others.


Academic Excellence

  1. For getting good career opportunities
  2. Foundation for good economic, individual stability.


Personality Integration

  1. For harmony in individual and social life.
  2. For better efficiency, effectiveness and higher achievements.



  1. For sense of fulfillment & well-being.
  2. For better cooperation with other people.
  3. For inspiring others towards self-development.


Leadership Potential

  1. For creating Leaders with Social commitment.
  2. For promoting Social Reform in proper direction.


Emotional and Psychological Stability

  1. For reducing social violence, crime
  2. For prevention of various addictions
  3. For improving problem solving ability.

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